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2018-02-26 05:28:34 New Edition to Jewellery Salon 2018 - Rubaiyat Jewelry & watches
JEDDAH, June 2017 - Rubaiyat has opened its first jewelry and watches department store retailing around 17 leading luxury brands of jewelry, and watches.Located in Jameel Square, Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia Street), Jeddah, the store occupies an area of 400 sqm with two floors displ...
2018-02-26 05:15:52 Merveilles Solitaire from the Merveilles Collection-Boghossian Jewellery
This latest collection features bejewelled pieces crafted with a technique that sets diamonds on all four sides in such a delicate way that one wonders how they hold together. This extraordinary mounting enables precious stones like this fancy intense yellow cushion-shaped diamond, 5.10cts, to appe...
2018-02-26 03:58:33 crivelli - jade اضافة جديدة لمجوهرات
The power of precious stones is integral to every civilization on Earth. Diamonds promote energy while pearls achieve inner peace and good fortune. Rubies, emeralds and turquoise evoke different moods and healing properties. Yet the most mysterious of stones is jade. Revealing the mysteries of dream...
2018-02-26 03:38:09 مجوهرات حنا تعرض كل جديد لمحبي وعشاق الالماس
مجوهرات حنا تنشر الحب من خلال اخر اضافة لمجوعتهم اقراط 18 قراط من الذهب الابيض والروبي الاحمر ...

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